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Archive for January, 2014

Brianna Allen Artist Interview # 1

Hey hey hey, last Thursday for our weekly interview with an artist I was able to get some information from Brianna! She’s currently 29 years old and attending CSULB! She says she’s been collecting these bread scrunchies for about 5 years and says she’s accepting donations from people. It’s a strange collection and pretty hard to understand what they mean or what they stand for or what’s their actual name!
I had a question for her but wasn’t able to ask her. I was gonna ask if she thinks us people may have something in common with these bread holders, since many people call them different things that no one really knows what their true name is. Maybe the same with us people, we have all these people judging us, labeling us, and maybe over time no one truly knows who we truly are because of these assumptions and different names and labels we get put on us.
Brianna seems pretty cool and relax her tone was mellow and just felt like she was chilling as the day goes by. I found her collection really cool but difficult to comprehend. The strips of plastic weren’t all the same some were longer or shorter than the others. I think this collection was really cool and Brianna’s attitude was interesting as well!





Vincent Ngo Interview Peer # 1

Last Thursday I also interviewed Vincent. We were talking and he’s in college trying to improve his way of life. He wants to get a good job and be able to live comfortably. He likes to hang out and go fishing every so often. His parents are from Vietnam giving him his last name Ngo that i could barely pronounce right! He drives a Honda Accord and is taking this class because he thought it’d be interesting!


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