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Megan Kenney Artist Interview Wk. 5

Our artist for this week!!! Megan Kenney! At the age of 26 Megan is a student here at CSULB like all of our artist interviews. But she’s graduating this semester. After she graduates from CSULB she’s planning to recollect her art and create a decent portfolio. Then after that she wants to go to grad school, but isn’t sure which one. Her only hobbies would be drawing and painting and she really enjoys walks through nature because thats where she gets her main inspiration from.


Here is Megan with the drawing she said she preferred the process of starting.


She doesn’t really have a favorite painting she just said she liked how the process of creating one was. Her smaller square paintings took her around two weeks and the larger ones took her a month to finally finish. Most of her art is nature inspired and inspired from her hometown Michigan and some from California too.
Here are some of her artworks from the gallery.





Sharon Kotas Peer interview WK. 5

Hello hello, for my week five interview I was able to interview Sharon Kotas!! She’s a freshman here in CSULB. And is majoring in sociology!! Sharon is from Santa Clarita but is dorming here at CSULB. She owns a 1998 Toyota Camry but left it at back home, in Santa Clarita.


She mentions figure skating as being one of her hobbies. I thought that was pretty interesting because there’s no ice here in Long Beach. Sharon likes the campus because the people were friendly and the atmosphere is different from her hometown. She also likes the weather here in Long Beach as well.

She listens to indie and alternative rock. And as of right now is enjoying the college life here at CSULB. She is still adjusting to the college life but seems to be enjoying it. It was a pleasure introducing my new friend, Sharon Kotas


My trip to LACMA was very interesting!!! I went to LACMA on President’s Day so we were able to have free admission! I went with my friend Weifan and she’s from China so we went to the Korean and Chinese art exhibits and i was amazed by what we saw.

Some of the Chinese art was very colorful and had the slightest detail that made it so unique. I took a few photos of the pottery they had. They were very vivid and colorful, some were big and some were small. My favorites were the “Foliated Platter (Pan) with the Eight Buddhist Symbols (Bajixiang), Flowers, and Waves” This one was one of my favorites because i liked the color choices and the symbols it had in the middle. I could only imagine what they would use this platter for!

photo 3

Another Chinese pot that I thought was pretty interesting was the “Water Pot with Dragon Medallions”. It took me a while to actually see the dragon medallions because you need to look very closely. At a glance this little pot is really neat and up close the pot because extraordinary! A little strange that this little thing was a pot. Maybe it wasn’t used as an actual pot you put on your stove.

photo 2I also saw this dressing room like curtain that caught my attention. I believe it was in the Korean art exhibit. It’s really nice and well designed and was stretched out against the wall. I’m not sure if it really is a curtain that you would normally dress behind like in some traditions but it seemed like it! Here is a picture of it…photo 4

Gorgeous isn’t it!!

There were plenty of neat little statues up as well. I saw this “Standing Buddha” that I have never seen before. It surely doesn’t look like the ordinary Buddha we usually see. This one was skinny and wore a robe. This was pretty interesting because I have never seen a slim Buddha wearing a robe. We also saw this painting of a man that looked as if you would hang them on your walls. They looked so alive and vivid with colors and the color schemes and textures looked so real and just made the painting live! There was this little horse as well. Very colorful and beautiful in its stance. LACMA Chinese and Korean art exhibit had some very nice paintings and sculptures and I was able to learn some history as well since Weifan knew a bit of Chinese history.

 photo 1photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

Weifan Xue Peer Interview Wk. 4

Hello hello, I’ve been a little late on my blogs but I’ve been able to catch up. Last week I interviewed my now good friend Weifan Xue! Weifan is from China and she is an international student. She studied before in Kansas and traveled here because she really liked the California weather.

Some activities Weifan likes are going out to parties, drinking with friends, going out to explore places and have a good time! She’s 21 years old! This shocked me because she looked younger! She’s a very outgoing person and really fun to be around. She loves to make friends but since she’s been moving around she has to recollect some companions. She doesn’t dorm, she lives about 3 miles away from CSULB. Shockingly her major is business too! And I barely noticed I have her in my Business Calculus class.

I was able to go to LACMA with her this past President’s Day and that was a great experience. She was the first friend I’ve made that isn’t from the US and I was her first friend that wasn’t from foreign decent. Weifan has become a good friend of mine and I really enjoy her company when we hang out! It was a great pleasure introducing my good friend Weifan Xue

Nidia Morales Artist Interview #4

Hey! This week was another interesting week for interviews! I interviewed Nidia Morales and her exhibit was rather interesting!! There were two videos playing, one was of her hair being combed which looked like it hurt!! And the other was her hair being smothered by lots of weird mixtures. It was really rare and i wouldn’t think I’d ever see something like that in an art exhibition. She calls her exhibit “Split Ends” due to obvious reasons. 



In her two videos she used her own hair and it looked painful when she was getting it combed! Nidia also attends CSULB and is in her 5th year. She has an obsession  with hair and how hair is beautiful on your head but is disgusting on any other part of your body. She also said she found it interesting how some women are objectified through hair. 
 She had to redo the videos a couple of times but in total they were only about 4 minutes long. She has about 1 year working with hair and she says this experiment was interesting to do. As she was getting her hair comb she said it did start to hurt and I myself can relate because it hurts when i comb my own hair!


Instagram Week Project

For this project we had to post pictures to Instagram and tag them with #Art110s14 and when searched on Instagram around 600 pictures are tagged! So I went ahead and looked at some that connected with me or with things that I do. I found that some of my classmates are interested in some of the same things I am and some of them like to do things that I like to do!

photo 3

I used to love playing billiards!!! I would be so good at it, I would beat all my friends whenever we went to the underground arcade. Billiards is a lot of fun and if you’re going pro you’re going to need a lot of geometric skills! Its all about angles and knowing how to control your cue ball. One of the best past time activities I could think of. And how convenient that we have a bunch of billiards tables in the USU!!  Too bad getting settled with classes and college I lost my flare and cannot play billiards anymore! I lost all my skills…

photo 2

This one explains me very well! I love going to the gym, I go almost everyday. The school rec center is the best. The atmosphere isn’t hostile with ignorant weight lifters. The gym is one of my favorite places because you’re able to test your limits and see how much you have improved from the last time you went in. It’s always a good thing to try to improve your health and do something to improve the way you see yourself. It’s never too late to start hitting that gym and fixing your health!

photo 1

Hahaha this picture is too cool! Drinking and having fun with friends is something that I like to do every once in a while. And I just happened to notice that this is Weifan’s picture! I just met her a couple of weeks ago and it’s awesome that she enjoys drinking because I do too! Some people shouldn’t drink alcohol because they can’t handle themselves and become a huge mess. Drinking isn’t for everyone but it’s a fun past time for some people. photo 3 (1)

This is one of my personal pictures! This was one night when some of my friends were going to get together for a small kickback and I took a bottle of Skyy Vodka just like the picture above. That’s my friend Anthony and that night we had a blast with all of our friends together. photo 2 (1)

Fishing too is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s a pleasant thing to do and you get to hang out with friends too. Some of my friends love fishing and go fishing in winter! Even if it’s freezing. this little fish was a baby that my friend caught one night we went fishing. It was a rare catch because it was night time, it was cold and it was sometime in January! It was a funny coincidence because he never has caught anything when he goes out fishing with us and the first fish he caught was a small flounder!

This Instagram project was interesting and it let us see which one of our friends share the same interests as we do. We all have some sort of mutual interests and it’s a good thing to explore new things and explore some interests with new people!

Kevin Romero Peer Interview #3

Hey everyone! It’s the time of the week again for peer interviews! This week is Kevin Romero! Kevin at this point is in his 3rd year out of 5 here at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Political Science. He said he wanted to get into law school or just be able to get a real world job. He chose Long Beach because he said it’s pretty easy to get here not too hard since he commutes.
Kevin has three brothers and said his interests were sports. Mainly he plays baseball and football but he likes other sports too. He played about a year in high school. I asked him how he liked the past three years and he said he learned and experienced a lot over the years but he enjoyed the school. Kevin was a cool guy he liked the class and the school and didn’t seem weary about college in his three years here.


Jazmin Urrea Artist Interview # 3

Candy! Burgers! Sweets! Chocolate! Syrup! Fries! All this sweet delicious food that ARE BAD FOR US! In our last artist interview I was able to explore Jazmin’s room of junk food! It was an awesome project she had! All 4 walls were covered in candy and junk food and boxes of Carl’s Jr.



She was accompanied by her sister Geovnan Urrea who helped her set up the walls. She was inspired by her 12 year old sister who was over weight and eating unhealthy. Jazmin put in around $600 of her own money and accepted donations too. It all took her about two weeks and a half to do and said she was setting up and barely had finished right before the opening. Her favorite candy out of all she had on the wall were the chili lollipops because they’re good!!!

Jazmin is a senior at Cal State Long Beach and graduates this semester!
Other artworks she works on are self portraits. She really enjoys doing those.


She was playing a video in her exhibition and it was her wearing a candy mask covered in treats and all these sorts of junk good being jammed in her mouth! She said it took them around 3 takes to get the video right and she bled afterwards. When she finished the video she said it took her a while to wash it off and she threw up! The video signified the over indulgence of food that are no good for our bodies! And now her 12 year old sister, Alexandra Urrea is a vegetarian! So this exhibit did get the message across to her sister. This sugary sweet project was amazing and successful in making her sister change her health choices.




Patricia Anderson Artist Interview #2

For our second artist interview I chose to go with Patricia Anderson! Patricia was relaxed and a cool person. She spoke to us happily and wasn’t bothered by any questions or requests for photos. Patricia likes to play sports and played ultimate frisbee for CSULB!


She was inspired for her art by the Orange County Suburban neighborhoods. She liked how the people were polite and the relaxed way of living. Her favorite color is gray because it has do many shades and tones that it’s just an amazing color.
Patricia is half Asian and half white and she said she’s glad she avoided having to be a doctor. Her grandpa was a painter but he didn’t sell non of his paintings. She said it’s nice to be an independent painter and plans on marrying rich! Patricia was really cool and had a good sense of humor. Her favorite artworks were the 3D ones. I’ll post some pictures under.




About Me Vlog

Hey Hey Hey! My name’s Josue! This is my about me pag! If you have any questions feel free to send me an email! Or just comment in the comments sections.

My name is Josue Cerna,  I’m from Compton, California. I’ve been living here all my life and am currently attending Cal State Long Beach. My birthday is on October 31 and I am 18 years old. I’ll upload the link to my about me video soon. I thought it was okay i felt kinda weird recording myself but I had to. My neighbor decided to play loud music while I recorded myself so I apologize if it’s a bother to you! I hope to have fun in this Art 110 class and Glenn (our professor) is real cool and chill. I hope to enjoy art and be able to evaluate art and other things in life than may represent a deeper mean after this course! I also want to meet a lot of new people, I already met a few cool people in just the second week so that’s great! About Me Video