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Meg Workman Peer Interview #2

Hey! For my next interview I was able to interview Meg! And she’s no Meg Griffin from Family Guy! This one is cool! Meg is from Oxnard California and attends CSULB. She’s a freshman AND her major is Business Marketing just like mine! She is currently unemployed and does live in the dorms on beach side.
Meg came up to me during class and asked if she could interview me and I chose to interview her as well. She’s so cool! She has a 69 Ford Ranchero, with fresh steel blue paint and refinished chrome! I wish I could see it, it sounds awesome! Meg’s favorite color is green and came to CSULB because of so any trees.

“My dad is super white like he’s so American but one day I came across his Tupac Greatest Hits album and I couldn’t believe he listened to Tupac! I asked him why he had it and he said, ‘I’ve always listened to Tupac, I love his music'”

This is a little story she told me when I told her I listen to old school rap and hip hop and I found it funny the way she told me! Meg lives with her parents and has only one brother and no sisters. Some of her hobbies would be dancing hula! Her grandma has forced her since she was 3. She also likes swimming and played water polo! She also likes sailing because her family has a sail boat. Meg spends a lot of her free time on the water, whether swimming, surfing, or sailing! Meg was one of the coolest persons I’ve met so far and her sense of humor is awesome! My new friend, Meg Workman.



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