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Patricia Anderson Artist Interview #2

For our second artist interview I chose to go with Patricia Anderson! Patricia was relaxed and a cool person. She spoke to us happily and wasn’t bothered by any questions or requests for photos. Patricia likes to play sports and played ultimate frisbee for CSULB!


She was inspired for her art by the Orange County Suburban neighborhoods. She liked how the people were polite and the relaxed way of living. Her favorite color is gray because it has do many shades and tones that it’s just an amazing color.
Patricia is half Asian and half white and she said she’s glad she avoided having to be a doctor. Her grandpa was a painter but he didn’t sell non of his paintings. She said it’s nice to be an independent painter and plans on marrying rich! Patricia was really cool and had a good sense of humor. Her favorite artworks were the 3D ones. I’ll post some pictures under.





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