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Jazmin Urrea Artist Interview # 3

Candy! Burgers! Sweets! Chocolate! Syrup! Fries! All this sweet delicious food that ARE BAD FOR US! In our last artist interview I was able to explore Jazmin’s room of junk food! It was an awesome project she had! All 4 walls were covered in candy and junk food and boxes of Carl’s Jr.



She was accompanied by her sister Geovnan Urrea who helped her set up the walls. She was inspired by her 12 year old sister who was over weight and eating unhealthy. Jazmin put in around $600 of her own money and accepted donations too. It all took her about two weeks and a half to do and said she was setting up and barely had finished right before the opening. Her favorite candy out of all she had on the wall were the chili lollipops because they’re good!!!

Jazmin is a senior at Cal State Long Beach and graduates this semester!
Other artworks she works on are self portraits. She really enjoys doing those.


She was playing a video in her exhibition and it was her wearing a candy mask covered in treats and all these sorts of junk good being jammed in her mouth! She said it took them around 3 takes to get the video right and she bled afterwards. When she finished the video she said it took her a while to wash it off and she threw up! The video signified the over indulgence of food that are no good for our bodies! And now her 12 year old sister, Alexandra Urrea is a vegetarian! So this exhibit did get the message across to her sister. This sugary sweet project was amazing and successful in making her sister change her health choices.





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