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Instagram Week Project

For this project we had to post pictures to Instagram and tag them with #Art110s14 and when searched on Instagram around 600 pictures are tagged! So I went ahead and looked at some that connected with me or with things that I do. I found that some of my classmates are interested in some of the same things I am and some of them like to do things that I like to do!

photo 3

I used to love playing billiards!!! I would be so good at it, I would beat all my friends whenever we went to the underground arcade. Billiards is a lot of fun and if you’re going pro you’re going to need a lot of geometric skills! Its all about angles and knowing how to control your cue ball. One of the best past time activities I could think of. And how convenient that we have a bunch of billiards tables in the USU!!  Too bad getting settled with classes and college I lost my flare and cannot play billiards anymore! I lost all my skills…

photo 2

This one explains me very well! I love going to the gym, I go almost everyday. The school rec center is the best. The atmosphere isn’t hostile with ignorant weight lifters. The gym is one of my favorite places because you’re able to test your limits and see how much you have improved from the last time you went in. It’s always a good thing to try to improve your health and do something to improve the way you see yourself. It’s never too late to start hitting that gym and fixing your health!

photo 1

Hahaha this picture is too cool! Drinking and having fun with friends is something that I like to do every once in a while. And I just happened to notice that this is Weifan’s picture! I just met her a couple of weeks ago and it’s awesome that she enjoys drinking because I do too! Some people shouldn’t drink alcohol because they can’t handle themselves and become a huge mess. Drinking isn’t for everyone but it’s a fun past time for some people. photo 3 (1)

This is one of my personal pictures! This was one night when some of my friends were going to get together for a small kickback and I took a bottle of Skyy Vodka just like the picture above. That’s my friend Anthony and that night we had a blast with all of our friends together. photo 2 (1)

Fishing too is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s a pleasant thing to do and you get to hang out with friends too. Some of my friends love fishing and go fishing in winter! Even if it’s freezing. this little fish was a baby that my friend caught one night we went fishing. It was a rare catch because it was night time, it was cold and it was sometime in January! It was a funny coincidence because he never has caught anything when he goes out fishing with us and the first fish he caught was a small flounder!

This Instagram project was interesting and it let us see which one of our friends share the same interests as we do. We all have some sort of mutual interests and it’s a good thing to explore new things and explore some interests with new people!


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