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Nidia Morales Artist Interview #4

Hey! This week was another interesting week for interviews! I interviewed Nidia Morales and her exhibit was rather interesting!! There were two videos playing, one was of her hair being combed which looked like it hurt!! And the other was her hair being smothered by lots of weird mixtures. It was really rare and i wouldn’t think I’d ever see something like that in an art exhibition. She calls her exhibit “Split Ends” due to obvious reasons. 



In her two videos she used her own hair and it looked painful when she was getting it combed! Nidia also attends CSULB and is in her 5th year. She has an obsession  with hair and how hair is beautiful on your head but is disgusting on any other part of your body. She also said she found it interesting how some women are objectified through hair. 
 She had to redo the videos a couple of times but in total they were only about 4 minutes long. She has about 1 year working with hair and she says this experiment was interesting to do. As she was getting her hair comb she said it did start to hurt and I myself can relate because it hurts when i comb my own hair!



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