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Weifan Xue Peer Interview Wk. 4

Hello hello, I’ve been a little late on my blogs but I’ve been able to catch up. Last week I interviewed my now good friend Weifan Xue! Weifan is from China and she is an international student. She studied before in Kansas and traveled here because she really liked the California weather.

Some activities Weifan likes are going out to parties, drinking with friends, going out to explore places and have a good time! She’s 21 years old! This shocked me because she looked younger! She’s a very outgoing person and really fun to be around. She loves to make friends but since she’s been moving around she has to recollect some companions. She doesn’t dorm, she lives about 3 miles away from CSULB. Shockingly her major is business too! And I barely noticed I have her in my Business Calculus class.

I was able to go to LACMA with her this past President’s Day and that was a great experience. She was the first friend I’ve made that isn’t from the US and I was her first friend that wasn’t from foreign decent. Weifan has become a good friend of mine and I really enjoy her company when we hang out! It was a great pleasure introducing my good friend Weifan Xue


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