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Megan Kenney Artist Interview Wk. 5

Our artist for this week!!! Megan Kenney! At the age of 26 Megan is a student here at CSULB like all of our artist interviews. But she’s graduating this semester. After she graduates from CSULB she’s planning to recollect her art and create a decent portfolio. Then after that she wants to go to grad school, but isn’t sure which one. Her only hobbies would be drawing and painting and she really enjoys walks through nature because thats where she gets her main inspiration from.


Here is Megan with the drawing she said she preferred the process of starting.


She doesn’t really have a favorite painting she just said she liked how the process of creating one was. Her smaller square paintings took her around two weeks and the larger ones took her a month to finally finish. Most of her art is nature inspired and inspired from her hometown Michigan and some from California too.
Here are some of her artworks from the gallery.





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