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Sharon Kotas Peer interview WK. 5

Hello hello, for my week five interview I was able to interview Sharon Kotas!! She’s a freshman here in CSULB. And is majoring in sociology!! Sharon is from Santa Clarita but is dorming here at CSULB. She owns a 1998 Toyota Camry but left it at back home, in Santa Clarita.


She mentions figure skating as being one of her hobbies. I thought that was pretty interesting because there’s no ice here in Long Beach. Sharon likes the campus because the people were friendly and the atmosphere is different from her hometown. She also likes the weather here in Long Beach as well.

She listens to indie and alternative rock. And as of right now is enjoying the college life here at CSULB. She is still adjusting to the college life but seems to be enjoying it. It was a pleasure introducing my new friend, Sharon Kotas


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