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Don Tinling Artist Interview Wk. 9

This weeks artist of interest was Don Tinling. His exhibit was really really interesting! As soon as you walk in you see an array of different videos and blood samples hung on the wall. He was tested positive for HIV and that changed his entire life and influenced him to change life decisions. On the wall was a timeline of blood samples and it extended from wall to wall. Don grew up in NYC and has a BFA in photography & he’s graduating this May!!! He returned to school after going through some careers. He started at Santa Monica college and transferred to CSULB. Don’s exhibit was really interesting and opens your eyes to reality.




Christian Aguilar Peer Interview Wk. 9

This week I interviewed a really interesting person, Christian Aguilar. Christian is a third year here and is majoring in Mechanic Engineering. He has a part time marketing job with Vemma. He wants me to get into Vemma with him and I am interested but it seems as if I don’t have the time. But I will try to meet up with him about it. Christian commutes, he lives by LBCC. He is really enjoying this art class and really enjoyed doing the plaster casting project. He is interested in going out with friends movies and is an extreme thrill seeker, he loves to go on rollercoaster in six flags. He also likes old school rap, his favorinte rappers are Big L and Gangstarr. After he graduated he doesn’t want to have a job he wants to be able to own enough small businesses to be economically free and time free so he won’t have to be working all the time and be able to live comfortably. His favorite foods are hamburgers and pizza, especially from red robin or five guys; He has an older brother and a younger brother and sister and also lives with his mom. His dad lives in Costa Rica and Christian goes visit him a lot and he says Costa Rica is really nice! His dad sells metals and also security systems. His dad owns a lot of different businesses and is able to live comfortably in Costa Rica. Christain was a real cool dude and I hope I’m able to join him in his progress with Vemma.

Here is Christian with his brother at lake arrow head


Shane O’connell Peer Interview Wk. 8

This past week was able to interview a pretty cool guy, Shane O’connell. Shane is a freshman here at CSULB. Shane is a triplet! He has two other sisters but they do not go to CSULB. His major is business management and is currently running his own business. He makes picture frames and sells them to stores. He is studying business management so he can take over his dads business. He also played Lacrosse and some hobbies are going to the beach and fixing up his truck. He just recently bought a 2014 Chevy Silverado! He payed half of it and his dad payed the other half. The truck is completely paid off and Shane said he is planning to give it a 6 inch lift and put 35 inch wheels on it! I hope to see it all fixed up once it’s done. Shane is a cool guy he’s mellow and isn’t awkward at all. 


Week 9 Name Drawing!

This week all we had to do is sketch out our names in bubble letters. This is my horrible attempt at this! 


Plaster Casting Project


Plaster casting! Our project this week was to go make plaster casts at the beach. This was a fun project and I enjoyed going to the beach with friends and making casts. I honestly never knew we could do such a thing for such a cheap price! We decided to go on a Friday, I went with three other friends from art class; MarkSpencer, Vincent, & Weifan. I also took two of my friends from back home and they also had a good time! I bought I believe a 25 lbs of plaster at Home Depot and it cost me only 17 dollars! We then met up at seal beach because it was really close to where Vincent and Weifan live. I made a cast of my two fingers but only one came out! It was hard to get the plaster decently hard but then it was difficult to pour it into the sand. So for Weifan and Marks casts the plaster was watery and their casts came out perfect!! Vincent’s plaster casts came out wrong but the second one he did was good! Plaster casting was a lot of fun and I’ll go back with the left over plaster cast that I have.






Nora Ayala Artist Interview Wk. 8

This week my artist of interest was Nora Ayala! She’s 26 years old and was born in Riverside. She’s been print making for about 7 years and some of her ways are mono type and dry paint and also uses paper bfk leaves, in and thread dry paint.


She likes to hang out with her wiener dog Frank and reads memoirs to get some inspiration. She is really close to her dog Frank and when she moved away from him she noticed that there is a large amount if absence in her life. Her art tried to tie together memories of family and important things in her life.


Her process of making her art is that first she traces a picture and then traces their silhouettes with thread or another material and cuts them out. She likes saturated or no color because she believes color has a deep impact on society. I really liked her artwork because when I saw her art I could already tell that it was based around absence or emptiness and I think I was correct. Her art work can have a deeper meaning. A viewer just has to pay real close attention.


MarkSpencer Tan Peer Interview Wk. 7

Hello hello, I want to introduce you guys to my friend MarkSpencer Tan! He goes by Mark or Tan, I met Mark a couple of weeks ago and went to try sushi with him for the first time! I went with my friend Weifan and Mark. It was a cool experience we tried Wasabi for the first time and it was really…. interesting. Tan is a chill person he too is a freshman here at CSULB and he commutes. He doesn’t live too far away from school so dorming would’ve been pointless in a way.

Mark is 18 years old and was born in the Philippines and came to live in the U.S. when he was 9. He is 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 Filipino. Mark loves playing video games, he mainly likes playing League of Legends. He also likes drawing, painting, listening to music, badminton, bowling, and watching movies. His favorite color is blue and preferred car would be a Ferrari. His favorite genre of movies is comedies, mine too! Mark wants to be a video game designer and is majoring in Computer Science! It was a pleasure introducing my good friend, Tan Mark Spencer

Alanna Marcelletti Artist Interview Wk. 7

This weeks artist was Alanna Marcelletti. She used to be a teacher at Carlthorp Elementary but now attends CSULB. She is 29 years old and already was a teacher! That’s awesome! She grew up in California and had a strong passion for art. She would spend hours on art and not even notice as they passed by! Some of her artworks takes her month to do because she works on more than one at times. Some materials she uses would be; crylic, thread, paper, leaves, and embroidered cotton dress. Her artwork is very vivid and catches your attention the moment you set your eyes on it!


Vanessa Baylock Avatar Project Wk. 7

Snapshot_004This Avatar project was an interesting one. I was able to enter and use Second Life easily and was able to interview Vanessa Baylock. Her dome of artwork was really cool! The dome was dedicated to the 1st year performances of the Vanessa Blaylock Company. The dome was really interesting. It had pictures of avatars in real life environments and they look realistic! The dome had a Laundromat downstairs where avatars can go and get their clothes washed and pressed while they danced in the disco above.

Vanessa was a full time student but now she teaches art at Erasmus University and is will be turning 45 this year! Vanessa was really fun and she gave off a relaxing vibe. She was really proud of her dome that took her a while to make due to her not working on it full time. Vanessa also told me of a fraternity clinic they were planning on opening in Second Life, of course with a disco integrated! Vanessa’s 1 year anniversary dome was awesome and Second Life was a nice experience.


Catherine Vu Artist Interview Wk. 6

This week I and a couple of my other peers interviewed Catherine Vu. Catherine is a 24 year old Vietnamese student here at CSULB as well. She’s graduating this year!!! Her major is photography and says that she loves the way photography is taught here in CSULB. Her artwork was rather strange yet I could make a connection with it automatically. They were just pictures and posts of her life and of herself. A blog of her experiences presented as art. Was she trying to convey that our real lives and our virtual lives are a form of art because we present ourselves as something and it is up to the viewer to interpret their thoughts about us…