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Counterfactual Identity

This past Counterfactual Identity project was a fun activity to do! We had to dress up differently and ask people around campus what they thought our name and major was. I couldn’t snap a picture of myself because I was too in the moment and went straight into the action!

I dressed in basketball shorts high socks and a long white T shirt. I don’t rarely dress this way on campus so I got a different vibe from everyone. The first person I asked told me my name was Jose and my major was Criminology! Pretty stereotypical in my opinion. I also got George,  Guillermo, Ricardo, Juan! Some stereotypical names for a Hispanic person in my opinion. The majors I got were: Film, Criminology, Communications, and Sociology. So strange to me! The people I went up to were pretty friendly and took the questions as humorous so they weren’t freaked out! In the end this project was fun and I also improved my social skills as well!


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