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Rogelio Gutierrez Peer Interview Wk. 6

photo 1 (3)

Hey Hey! This week i was interviewed Rogelio Gutierrez. His fraternity brothers sometimes call him Rojo or Red due to the first couple of letters to his name. Rogelio is a chill guy he’s relaxed whenever we catch him in the art galleries. He’s a fourth year here and is majoring in Math Economics. He wants to get into the business side of his major because he feels it catches his attention more. His fraternity’s name is FIGI and he says it’s a real cool family to be a part of. He was telling me that the annual fee to join was around $1,000! That’s a little too much for me but he likes the fraternity so he decides to pay. Rogelio is Filipino and comes from Lakewood. He commutes in his 2010 Nissan Altima, which was a graduation gift to him. An activity he likes is playing basketball. He told me he just had a game with his fraternity brothers in a tournament but they lost by 13 points. It was a pleasure introducing you to my friend Rogelio Gutierrez


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