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Vanessa Baylock Avatar Project Wk. 7

Snapshot_004This Avatar project was an interesting one. I was able to enter and use Second Life easily and was able to interview Vanessa Baylock. Her dome of artwork was really cool! The dome was dedicated to the 1st year performances of the Vanessa Blaylock Company. The dome was really interesting. It had pictures of avatars in real life environments and they look realistic! The dome had a Laundromat downstairs where avatars can go and get their clothes washed and pressed while they danced in the disco above.

Vanessa was a full time student but now she teaches art at Erasmus University and is will be turning 45 this year! Vanessa was really fun and she gave off a relaxing vibe. She was really proud of her dome that took her a while to make due to her not working on it full time. Vanessa also told me of a fraternity clinic they were planning on opening in Second Life, of course with a disco integrated! Vanessa’s 1 year anniversary dome was awesome and Second Life was a nice experience.



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