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Nora Ayala Artist Interview Wk. 8

This week my artist of interest was Nora Ayala! She’s 26 years old and was born in Riverside. She’s been print making for about 7 years and some of her ways are mono type and dry paint and also uses paper bfk leaves, in and thread dry paint.


She likes to hang out with her wiener dog Frank and reads memoirs to get some inspiration. She is really close to her dog Frank and when she moved away from him she noticed that there is a large amount if absence in her life. Her art tried to tie together memories of family and important things in her life.


Her process of making her art is that first she traces a picture and then traces their silhouettes with thread or another material and cuts them out. She likes saturated or no color because she believes color has a deep impact on society. I really liked her artwork because when I saw her art I could already tell that it was based around absence or emptiness and I think I was correct. Her art work can have a deeper meaning. A viewer just has to pay real close attention.



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