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Plaster Casting Project


Plaster casting! Our project this week was to go make plaster casts at the beach. This was a fun project and I enjoyed going to the beach with friends and making casts. I honestly never knew we could do such a thing for such a cheap price! We decided to go on a Friday, I went with three other friends from art class; MarkSpencer, Vincent, & Weifan. I also took two of my friends from back home and they also had a good time! I bought I believe a 25 lbs of plaster at Home Depot and it cost me only 17 dollars! We then met up at seal beach because it was really close to where Vincent and Weifan live. I made a cast of my two fingers but only one came out! It was hard to get the plaster decently hard but then it was difficult to pour it into the sand. So for Weifan and Marks casts the plaster was watery and their casts came out perfect!! Vincent’s plaster casts came out wrong but the second one he did was good! Plaster casting was a lot of fun and I’ll go back with the left over plaster cast that I have.







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