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Christian Aguilar Peer Interview Wk. 9

This week I interviewed a really interesting person, Christian Aguilar. Christian is a third year here and is majoring in Mechanic Engineering. He has a part time marketing job with Vemma. He wants me to get into Vemma with him and I am interested but it seems as if I don’t have the time. But I will try to meet up with him about it. Christian commutes, he lives by LBCC. He is really enjoying this art class and really enjoyed doing the plaster casting project. He is interested in going out with friends movies and is an extreme thrill seeker, he loves to go on rollercoaster in six flags. He also likes old school rap, his favorinte rappers are Big L and Gangstarr. After he graduated he doesn’t want to have a job he wants to be able to own enough small businesses to be economically free and time free so he won’t have to be working all the time and be able to live comfortably. His favorite foods are hamburgers and pizza, especially from red robin or five guys; He has an older brother and a younger brother and sister and also lives with his mom. His dad lives in Costa Rica and Christian goes visit him a lot and he says Costa Rica is really nice! His dad sells metals and also security systems. His dad owns a lot of different businesses and is able to live comfortably in Costa Rica. Christain was a real cool dude and I hope I’m able to join him in his progress with Vemma.

Here is Christian with his brother at lake arrow head



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