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Project 11 Memes Memes Memes!!

This week we were able to choose any form of artwork and I chose memes. Memes are an artwork because people take an original picture and add on to it and create something new, something funny!! Here are some memes I found pretty entertaining!


























Week 12: Artist Interview Brenda from CSULB WOOD

photo 3 (4)This week I was able to interview Brenda, from CSULB WOOD. This exhibit was really interesting and pretty impressive as well. Brenda likes to work with wood, she enjoys wood carving and wood furniture. She said that some of the wood benches in the gallery were made specifically for the campus! She’s 23 years old and plans to get her master’s in 3D media at CSULB and is majoring in wood right now. She is inspired by her father, he’s the one that taught her how to use all the tools she uses. Some tools she learned to use were wood saws and carvers, the main ones she uses to create her art. She says learning how to use the tools was difficult because they can be huge and difficult to conduct. Her dad does home carpeting and she enjoys the smell and feel of wood and plans to open up a wooden furniture store. The wood in this exhibit was real cool and interesting, really caught your eye. I was impressed! photo 2 (5)

Week 12 Peer Interview Henetay Journey

photo 1 (6)Hey Hey! This week I interviewed a interesting character! Henetay Journey! Really interesting name, in my opinion. Henetay is a freshman here in CSULB and is 18 years old. He doesn’t drive but he commutes from San Clemente to CSULB. He has a younger sister but lives with his dad and their roommate, and their two dogs. He enjoys playing all sorts of video games and all sorts of books. He really enjoys Art 110 course but isn’t a big fan of the projects because he doesn’t drive yet, he says driving gives him anxiety and it’s something he just doesn’t like to do. Here is Henetay’s website:

Week 11 Artist Interview: Riley Hansler

photo 3 (5)Riley Hansler’s Golden Standard was a pretty cool art exhibit. His message is powerful to a lot of us. Don’t blindly follow other people’s expectation, we shouldn’t value such items that aren’t worth it. To Riley what’s more important is finding your own sense of value, one should have their own outlook on life and live up to one’s own expectations. He wants to own his own company and desires to move out to the middle of nowhere. A simple life away from anything that’s anything is his dream. He, just as myself, doesn’t like being told what to do and being told how much he will earn. He likes to rock climb, slack line, and surf. Riley loves to work with metals, he has worked with ceramic and has created many different things just for fun. He’d rather die passionately rather than be rich and lonely. photo 4 (3)

photo 2 (6)

Week 11 Peer Interview Anabel Sanchez

Hello Hello! For my week 11 the peer I interviewed was... Anabel Sanchez!! Anabel is an 18 year old freshmen here at CSULB and is currently undeclared! She said she enjoys photography, the internet, music festivals. She is undeclared but is interested in majoring in film, physical therapy, or psychology! Anabel commutes to LB, everyday she has to ride the bus for 1 hour from Wilmington to LB. She chose CSULB because its rather close to home and one of her top choices! The type of music she likes is Reggae and EDM, not sure what EDM stands for (LOL) but she hopes to go to EDC this summer, (Electric Daisy Carnival). Like many of us freshmen, Anabel is unemployed. So far for this ART 110 courese she enjoys blogging but the projects were a bit tough since she doesn't drive everywhere yet. She has an older brother and a younger sister and lives with her mom and occasionally visits her dad. Her parents are from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. To find out more about Anabel here is the link to her website:

Week 10 Peer Interview Garrett Turner

I met Garret in the first few weeks of ART 110 and I have yet to interview him and post it on my blog. Garret is an 18 year old freshman here at CSULb. He is majoring in construction and management engineering. He likes to watch baseball and go swimming on his free time. He mainly roots on the Dodgers and is from Lancaster California. Garret dorms hand is pledging in a fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau. Garret is a cool chill guy and is into different activities with his brothers back home, for more information on Garret here is him website:

Week 10 Artist Interview: Audra Graziano

This week we interviewed Audra Graziano! Audra is 33 and has her masters in fine art! She's been an artist 
since day one, always loved art. She moved to New York in 2003 and got  her bachelors in fine art from 
Pratt. She also managed a mural painting gallery for TEN years! She then moved to California to do artwork 
for TV companies and also to continue her    education. Her artworks are derived from communication systems, 
Networks, the web, our nervous system, and how everything is connected. She gave her artworks color and 
also gave them layers for texture. She's from Springfield Massachusetts and wants to be a teacher. 
Wouldn't it be awesome to be taught art by someone who's been doing it for years and years!
Here are some of her artwork that was at the galleries... 

photo 5 (1)photo 2 (4)photo 4 (2)

Week 10 Spray Painting

 photo 4 (1)
For our week 10 we went to Venice Beach and Spray painted our names on their art walls! This was pretty cool and interesting! Even though i can’t draw or paint or spray paint…. This was pretty fun. I went with Vincent, Mark, and Weifan. So even though my spray painting was looking horrible they made me feel better by telling me it wasn’t that bad LOL

Here are some more pictures from that day! photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (3)