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Week 10 Artist Interview: Audra Graziano

This week we interviewed Audra Graziano! Audra is 33 and has her masters in fine art! She's been an artist 
since day one, always loved art. She moved to New York in 2003 and got  her bachelors in fine art from 
Pratt. She also managed a mural painting gallery for TEN years! She then moved to California to do artwork 
for TV companies and also to continue her    education. Her artworks are derived from communication systems, 
Networks, the web, our nervous system, and how everything is connected. She gave her artworks color and 
also gave them layers for texture. She's from Springfield Massachusetts and wants to be a teacher. 
Wouldn't it be awesome to be taught art by someone who's been doing it for years and years!
Here are some of her artwork that was at the galleries... 

photo 5 (1)photo 2 (4)photo 4 (2)

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