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Project 12 Virtual World Second Life Experience

For my P12 I decided to do something similar to our virtual reality project we had to do. Minecraft is a game where you can create anything you can possibly imagine. From a house to an arena where all of your friends can come by and have a huge battle. You can also join your friends’ servers or a random server that are hosted by anyone on the web. You can also create your world to your liking just like Second Life and live your second life online!

Here are some pictures of my second life I have created online on Minecraft.
photo 2(4)
I decided to built a house right on the sand by the water because who wouldn’t want a house on the beach side!
photo 1(3)
This is the inside of my house, I had a homemade fridge and a stoven/oven.
photo 2(3)
Here’s the storage area of the house where you can put all your goodies.
photo 3(3)
Here is the HUGE TV! And a comfortable couch to just sit back and relax! With your King size bed on the side hahaha.
photo 3(4)
I also decided to make a barn since I like to have animals and I wished I would have my own in real life!!
photo 5(1)
Here are my Mooshroom cows! They’re cows mixed with mushrooms, only available in Minecraft…
photo 3(1)
My sheeps’ den filled with sheep being sheep.
photo 1(1)
Can’t go wrong with pigs! Every farm needs pigs!
photo 5(3)
This is my chicken coop! For some reason chickens have been my favorite animal, here at home I have over 15 chickens! hahaha And they just roam around the house eating whatever they can find.
photo 4(3)
Here on the wall you can see my wolves just tucked away on the side just in case monsters come by the wolves will automatically attack them if they hurt the player. Also every den and coop and even the barn are watched by villagers, just to make it look as they’re securing the premises!
photo 2
You can also wonder into generated parts of the world that are already inhibited by villagers.
photo 4
You can either interact with the villagers and trade with them or live with them!
photo 2(2)
Or destroy their village! hahahah
photo 1(2)
photo 1
You can literally do anything in Minecraft, this is your second world and second life where the possibilities are endless!!!

photo 3(2)
This is a great way to live that second life you always wanted and explore and do whatever you please!
Start your second life now in Minecraft!!


Artist Interview Wk. 14 Khara Cloutier

photo 1 (8)
This week’s artist of the week is Khara Cloutier!!! Khara is from Austin Texas and has been living in LA for 10 years! She got her BFA at Texas State and decided to come here for her masters. Khara will be graduating this semester!! She chose to come to CSULB due to their college of arts. Her exhibit is inspired by the city and she wanted to get a better sense of doing geography and architectural. She wanted to design patterns for clothing that was rare and unique. She says clothes make up our identity and it defines who we are and are perceived as.

photo 4 (4)
photo 3 (6)

Peer Interview Wk. 14 Donald Nguyen

This week for my peer interview I was able to interview Donald Nguyen! Donal is a Freshman here at CSULB. He’s a Biology major and has a identical twin brother!!! Donald works at IKEA, the one that’s in Costa Mesa. He’s from Garden Grove and is interested in entering into Anesthesiology. He’s planning to forcefully go into med school in order to get to where he wants to be. Some of hobbies include Basketball, sleeping, and eating haha. Donald also said that he excels in Science and Math. He’s acing his Calc 2 class and he barely studies! For more information on Donald and to check out some of his blogs click on the following link:

photo 5 (2)

Peer Interview Wk 13 Kaziah Thornton-Tello

Meet my new friend Kaziah Thornton-Tello! In my opinion she has an awesome name! She says biblical but just written differently. She’s from Long Beach and is in her freshman year as well. She dorms here at school and is currently undeclared. She likes going to the gym, Disneyland, Netflix, and bike riding. She really enjoys the college life and the dorming life. She plans to get an apartment next semester and is an alumni from Long Beach Poly High. Depending on the mood she’s in and on the weather she likes different types of music. Whether she wants to listen to some beach music or just dance she has no limit to what she listens to. She enjoys the class and enjoys meeting new people. She used to be on the row team in highschool and still goes to the gym five days a week to say fit. It was a pleasure getting to know Kaziah. To visit Kaziah’s website just visit Kaziah Thornton