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Peer Interview Wk 13 Kaziah Thornton-Tello

Meet my new friend Kaziah Thornton-Tello! In my opinion she has an awesome name! She says biblical but just written differently. She’s from Long Beach and is in her freshman year as well. She dorms here at school and is currently undeclared. She likes going to the gym, Disneyland, Netflix, and bike riding. She really enjoys the college life and the dorming life. She plans to get an apartment next semester and is an alumni from Long Beach Poly High. Depending on the mood she’s in and on the weather she likes different types of music. Whether she wants to listen to some beach music or just dance she has no limit to what she listens to. She enjoys the class and enjoys meeting new people. She used to be on the row team in highschool and still goes to the gym five days a week to say fit. It was a pleasure getting to know Kaziah. To visit Kaziah’s website just visit Kaziah Thornton



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