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Project 12 Virtual World Second Life Experience

For my P12 I decided to do something similar to our virtual reality project we had to do. Minecraft is a game where you can create anything you can possibly imagine. From a house to an arena where all of your friends can come by and have a huge battle. You can also join your friends’ servers or a random server that are hosted by anyone on the web. You can also create your world to your liking just like Second Life and live your second life online!

Here are some pictures of my second life I have created online on Minecraft.
photo 2(4)
I decided to built a house right on the sand by the water because who wouldn’t want a house on the beach side!
photo 1(3)
This is the inside of my house, I had a homemade fridge and a stoven/oven.
photo 2(3)
Here’s the storage area of the house where you can put all your goodies.
photo 3(3)
Here is the HUGE TV! And a comfortable couch to just sit back and relax! With your King size bed on the side hahaha.
photo 3(4)
I also decided to make a barn since I like to have animals and I wished I would have my own in real life!!
photo 5(1)
Here are my Mooshroom cows! They’re cows mixed with mushrooms, only available in Minecraft…
photo 3(1)
My sheeps’ den filled with sheep being sheep.
photo 1(1)
Can’t go wrong with pigs! Every farm needs pigs!
photo 5(3)
This is my chicken coop! For some reason chickens have been my favorite animal, here at home I have over 15 chickens! hahaha And they just roam around the house eating whatever they can find.
photo 4(3)
Here on the wall you can see my wolves just tucked away on the side just in case monsters come by the wolves will automatically attack them if they hurt the player. Also every den and coop and even the barn are watched by villagers, just to make it look as they’re securing the premises!
photo 2
You can also wonder into generated parts of the world that are already inhibited by villagers.
photo 4
You can either interact with the villagers and trade with them or live with them!
photo 2(2)
Or destroy their village! hahahah
photo 1(2)
photo 1
You can literally do anything in Minecraft, this is your second world and second life where the possibilities are endless!!!

photo 3(2)
This is a great way to live that second life you always wanted and explore and do whatever you please!
Start your second life now in Minecraft!!


Artist Interview Wk. 14 Khara Cloutier

photo 1 (8)
This week’s artist of the week is Khara Cloutier!!! Khara is from Austin Texas and has been living in LA for 10 years! She got her BFA at Texas State and decided to come here for her masters. Khara will be graduating this semester!! She chose to come to CSULB due to their college of arts. Her exhibit is inspired by the city and she wanted to get a better sense of doing geography and architectural. She wanted to design patterns for clothing that was rare and unique. She says clothes make up our identity and it defines who we are and are perceived as.

photo 4 (4)
photo 3 (6)

Peer Interview Wk. 14 Donald Nguyen

This week for my peer interview I was able to interview Donald Nguyen! Donal is a Freshman here at CSULB. He’s a Biology major and has a identical twin brother!!! Donald works at IKEA, the one that’s in Costa Mesa. He’s from Garden Grove and is interested in entering into Anesthesiology. He’s planning to forcefully go into med school in order to get to where he wants to be. Some of hobbies include Basketball, sleeping, and eating haha. Donald also said that he excels in Science and Math. He’s acing his Calc 2 class and he barely studies! For more information on Donald and to check out some of his blogs click on the following link:

photo 5 (2)

Week 12: Artist Interview Brenda from CSULB WOOD

photo 3 (4)This week I was able to interview Brenda, from CSULB WOOD. This exhibit was really interesting and pretty impressive as well. Brenda likes to work with wood, she enjoys wood carving and wood furniture. She said that some of the wood benches in the gallery were made specifically for the campus! She’s 23 years old and plans to get her master’s in 3D media at CSULB and is majoring in wood right now. She is inspired by her father, he’s the one that taught her how to use all the tools she uses. Some tools she learned to use were wood saws and carvers, the main ones she uses to create her art. She says learning how to use the tools was difficult because they can be huge and difficult to conduct. Her dad does home carpeting and she enjoys the smell and feel of wood and plans to open up a wooden furniture store. The wood in this exhibit was real cool and interesting, really caught your eye. I was impressed! photo 2 (5)

Week 11 Artist Interview: Riley Hansler

photo 3 (5)Riley Hansler’s Golden Standard was a pretty cool art exhibit. His message is powerful to a lot of us. Don’t blindly follow other people’s expectation, we shouldn’t value such items that aren’t worth it. To Riley what’s more important is finding your own sense of value, one should have their own outlook on life and live up to one’s own expectations. He wants to own his own company and desires to move out to the middle of nowhere. A simple life away from anything that’s anything is his dream. He, just as myself, doesn’t like being told what to do and being told how much he will earn. He likes to rock climb, slack line, and surf. Riley loves to work with metals, he has worked with ceramic and has created many different things just for fun. He’d rather die passionately rather than be rich and lonely. photo 4 (3)

photo 2 (6)

Week 11 Peer Interview Anabel Sanchez

Hello Hello! For my week 11 the peer I interviewed was... Anabel Sanchez!! Anabel is an 18 year old freshmen here at CSULB and is currently undeclared! She said she enjoys photography, the internet, music festivals. She is undeclared but is interested in majoring in film, physical therapy, or psychology! Anabel commutes to LB, everyday she has to ride the bus for 1 hour from Wilmington to LB. She chose CSULB because its rather close to home and one of her top choices! The type of music she likes is Reggae and EDM, not sure what EDM stands for (LOL) but she hopes to go to EDC this summer, (Electric Daisy Carnival). Like many of us freshmen, Anabel is unemployed. So far for this ART 110 courese she enjoys blogging but the projects were a bit tough since she doesn't drive everywhere yet. She has an older brother and a younger sister and lives with her mom and occasionally visits her dad. Her parents are from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. To find out more about Anabel here is the link to her website:

Week 10 Artist Interview: Audra Graziano

This week we interviewed Audra Graziano! Audra is 33 and has her masters in fine art! She's been an artist 
since day one, always loved art. She moved to New York in 2003 and got  her bachelors in fine art from 
Pratt. She also managed a mural painting gallery for TEN years! She then moved to California to do artwork 
for TV companies and also to continue her    education. Her artworks are derived from communication systems, 
Networks, the web, our nervous system, and how everything is connected. She gave her artworks color and 
also gave them layers for texture. She's from Springfield Massachusetts and wants to be a teacher. 
Wouldn't it be awesome to be taught art by someone who's been doing it for years and years!
Here are some of her artwork that was at the galleries... 

photo 5 (1)photo 2 (4)photo 4 (2)

Shane O’connell Peer Interview Wk. 8

This past week was able to interview a pretty cool guy, Shane O’connell. Shane is a freshman here at CSULB. Shane is a triplet! He has two other sisters but they do not go to CSULB. His major is business management and is currently running his own business. He makes picture frames and sells them to stores. He is studying business management so he can take over his dads business. He also played Lacrosse and some hobbies are going to the beach and fixing up his truck. He just recently bought a 2014 Chevy Silverado! He payed half of it and his dad payed the other half. The truck is completely paid off and Shane said he is planning to give it a 6 inch lift and put 35 inch wheels on it! I hope to see it all fixed up once it’s done. Shane is a cool guy he’s mellow and isn’t awkward at all. 


Plaster Casting Project


Plaster casting! Our project this week was to go make plaster casts at the beach. This was a fun project and I enjoyed going to the beach with friends and making casts. I honestly never knew we could do such a thing for such a cheap price! We decided to go on a Friday, I went with three other friends from art class; MarkSpencer, Vincent, & Weifan. I also took two of my friends from back home and they also had a good time! I bought I believe a 25 lbs of plaster at Home Depot and it cost me only 17 dollars! We then met up at seal beach because it was really close to where Vincent and Weifan live. I made a cast of my two fingers but only one came out! It was hard to get the plaster decently hard but then it was difficult to pour it into the sand. So for Weifan and Marks casts the plaster was watery and their casts came out perfect!! Vincent’s plaster casts came out wrong but the second one he did was good! Plaster casting was a lot of fun and I’ll go back with the left over plaster cast that I have.






Nora Ayala Artist Interview Wk. 8

This week my artist of interest was Nora Ayala! She’s 26 years old and was born in Riverside. She’s been print making for about 7 years and some of her ways are mono type and dry paint and also uses paper bfk leaves, in and thread dry paint.


She likes to hang out with her wiener dog Frank and reads memoirs to get some inspiration. She is really close to her dog Frank and when she moved away from him she noticed that there is a large amount if absence in her life. Her art tried to tie together memories of family and important things in her life.


Her process of making her art is that first she traces a picture and then traces their silhouettes with thread or another material and cuts them out. She likes saturated or no color because she believes color has a deep impact on society. I really liked her artwork because when I saw her art I could already tell that it was based around absence or emptiness and I think I was correct. Her art work can have a deeper meaning. A viewer just has to pay real close attention.