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Project 12 Virtual World Second Life Experience

For my P12 I decided to do something similar to our virtual reality project we had to do. Minecraft is a game where you can create anything you can possibly imagine. From a house to an arena where all of your friends can come by and have a huge battle. You can also join your friends’ servers or a random server that are hosted by anyone on the web. You can also create your world to your liking just like Second Life and live your second life online!

Here are some pictures of my second life I have created online on Minecraft.
photo 2(4)
I decided to built a house right on the sand by the water because who wouldn’t want a house on the beach side!
photo 1(3)
This is the inside of my house, I had a homemade fridge and a stoven/oven.
photo 2(3)
Here’s the storage area of the house where you can put all your goodies.
photo 3(3)
Here is the HUGE TV! And a comfortable couch to just sit back and relax! With your King size bed on the side hahaha.
photo 3(4)
I also decided to make a barn since I like to have animals and I wished I would have my own in real life!!
photo 5(1)
Here are my Mooshroom cows! They’re cows mixed with mushrooms, only available in Minecraft…
photo 3(1)
My sheeps’ den filled with sheep being sheep.
photo 1(1)
Can’t go wrong with pigs! Every farm needs pigs!
photo 5(3)
This is my chicken coop! For some reason chickens have been my favorite animal, here at home I have over 15 chickens! hahaha And they just roam around the house eating whatever they can find.
photo 4(3)
Here on the wall you can see my wolves just tucked away on the side just in case monsters come by the wolves will automatically attack them if they hurt the player. Also every den and coop and even the barn are watched by villagers, just to make it look as they’re securing the premises!
photo 2
You can also wonder into generated parts of the world that are already inhibited by villagers.
photo 4
You can either interact with the villagers and trade with them or live with them!
photo 2(2)
Or destroy their village! hahahah
photo 1(2)
photo 1
You can literally do anything in Minecraft, this is your second world and second life where the possibilities are endless!!!

photo 3(2)
This is a great way to live that second life you always wanted and explore and do whatever you please!
Start your second life now in Minecraft!!



My trip to LACMA was very interesting!!! I went to LACMA on President’s Day so we were able to have free admission! I went with my friend Weifan and she’s from China so we went to the Korean and Chinese art exhibits and i was amazed by what we saw.

Some of the Chinese art was very colorful and had the slightest detail that made it so unique. I took a few photos of the pottery they had. They were very vivid and colorful, some were big and some were small. My favorites were the “Foliated Platter (Pan) with the Eight Buddhist Symbols (Bajixiang), Flowers, and Waves” This one was one of my favorites because i liked the color choices and the symbols it had in the middle. I could only imagine what they would use this platter for!

photo 3

Another Chinese pot that I thought was pretty interesting was the “Water Pot with Dragon Medallions”. It took me a while to actually see the dragon medallions because you need to look very closely. At a glance this little pot is really neat and up close the pot because extraordinary! A little strange that this little thing was a pot. Maybe it wasn’t used as an actual pot you put on your stove.

photo 2I also saw this dressing room like curtain that caught my attention. I believe it was in the Korean art exhibit. It’s really nice and well designed and was stretched out against the wall. I’m not sure if it really is a curtain that you would normally dress behind like in some traditions but it seemed like it! Here is a picture of it…photo 4

Gorgeous isn’t it!!

There were plenty of neat little statues up as well. I saw this “Standing Buddha” that I have never seen before. It surely doesn’t look like the ordinary Buddha we usually see. This one was skinny and wore a robe. This was pretty interesting because I have never seen a slim Buddha wearing a robe. We also saw this painting of a man that looked as if you would hang them on your walls. They looked so alive and vivid with colors and the color schemes and textures looked so real and just made the painting live! There was this little horse as well. Very colorful and beautiful in its stance. LACMA Chinese and Korean art exhibit had some very nice paintings and sculptures and I was able to learn some history as well since Weifan knew a bit of Chinese history.

 photo 1photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)