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Week 12: Artist Interview Brenda from CSULB WOOD

photo 3 (4)This week I was able to interview Brenda, from CSULB WOOD. This exhibit was really interesting and pretty impressive as well. Brenda likes to work with wood, she enjoys wood carving and wood furniture. She said that some of the wood benches in the gallery were made specifically for the campus! She’s 23 years old and plans to get her master’s in 3D media at CSULB and is majoring in wood right now. She is inspired by her father, he’s the one that taught her how to use all the tools she uses. Some tools she learned to use were wood saws and carvers, the main ones she uses to create her art. She says learning how to use the tools was difficult because they can be huge and difficult to conduct. Her dad does home carpeting and she enjoys the smell and feel of wood and plans to open up a wooden furniture store. The wood in this exhibit was real cool and interesting, really caught your eye. I was impressed! photo 2 (5)