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Week 11 Peer Interview Anabel Sanchez

Hello Hello! For my week 11 the peer I interviewed was... Anabel Sanchez!! Anabel is an 18 year old freshmen here at CSULB and is currently undeclared! She said she enjoys photography, the internet, music festivals. She is undeclared but is interested in majoring in film, physical therapy, or psychology! Anabel commutes to LB, everyday she has to ride the bus for 1 hour from Wilmington to LB. She chose CSULB because its rather close to home and one of her top choices! The type of music she likes is Reggae and EDM, not sure what EDM stands for (LOL) but she hopes to go to EDC this summer, (Electric Daisy Carnival). Like many of us freshmen, Anabel is unemployed. So far for this ART 110 courese she enjoys blogging but the projects were a bit tough since she doesn't drive everywhere yet. She has an older brother and a younger sister and lives with her mom and occasionally visits her dad. Her parents are from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. To find out more about Anabel here is the link to her website: